The All-in-One Platform for Forward-Thinking Organizations

The All-in-One Platform for Forward-Thinking Organizations

The All-in-One Platform for Forward-Thinking Organizations

Designed to manage everything under a single tab.

Your Teams, Tasks, and Community.

Designed to manage everything under a single tab.

Your Teams, Tasks, and Community.

Teams work better with Samudai

Teams work better with Samudai

  • I am very impressed with the work done by Samudai. The dashboard they developed, as well as presenting a great UI, empowers the user in his human-centric relationship with DAOs and decentralized projects, increasing his level of knowledge and participation.

    DAO Admin at Polygon

    The one-stop-shop concept is very real with Samudai. A very intuitive navigation and high customization of the dashboard and platform in general makes Samudai a product that can be adopted by several different types of DAOs.

    DAO Admin at ELI5

    Samudai stands out as an all-encompassing DAO tool, expertly addressing every facet of management. Its holistic approach signifies a deep understanding of DAO intricacies, potentially revolutionizing the field.

    DAO Admin at Orange DAO

    Samudai truly grasps DAOs' unique needs. It's a standout tool, streamlining project management and payments, showing commitment to decentralized advancement.

    DAO Admin at Raid Guild

    This project management board is sick, like trello but without the tech debt.

    Nouns DAO Chicago

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A better way to work and collaborate

A better way to work and collaborate

Collaborate with Orgs

Request to Collaborate

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Samudai DAO


The Opine




Manage your Personal Projects

Manage Jobs & Bounties at one place

Universal Search

Team Insights and Progress



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Everything your team is looking for

Everything your team is looking for

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Perfect fit for every team

Perfect fit for every team

Reflect your Community Calendar

Get all your Discord and Google Meet events in one place with Samudai's aggregated calendar.


Share your reviews with DAOs and contributors on Samudai to help build a better Web3 ecosystem.

Verifiable Credentials

Verify identities and credentials on Samudai's platform with our secure and decentralized Verifiable Credentials system.


Get notified about important updates and events in the Web3 ecosystem with Samudai's notification system. Stay informed and never miss a beat.

Access Management

Control access to your projects with Samudai's management system for secure collaboration.

Twitter Connect

Connect your Twitter account to Samudai and stay up-to-date with the latest discussions in the Web3 community.

Onboard Your Team Now

Payment Management

Samudai utilizes Gnosis Safe and Parcel to provide secure and decentralized payment management. Rest easy knowing your payments are safe and reliable with our trusted payment system.

Earn Badges

Earn badges on Samudai by contributing to DAOs and the Web3 ecosystem. Display your accomplishments and become a recognized member of the community.

Multiple Dashboard Views

Choose from multiple dashboard views on Samudai and streamline your workflow.

Latest Activity

Monitor the latest activity and updates in your communities and DAOs on Samudai's platform. Keep your finger on the pulse of the Web3 ecosystem.

Community Analytics

Gain insights into your community's growth and engagement with Samudai's analytics tools. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your community's performance.

Customisable Form

Collect feedback and information from your community with Samudai's customizable form builder.

Sub Domain

Get your own subdomain on Samudai's platform to personalize your brand and enhance your online presence.


File Management

Organize project files on Samudai's platform for efficient file management.

Token Gating

Use Samudai's token gating feature to securely gate access to your content and reward community members.

You came together to make a difference. Get it done with Samudai.