The Samudai OS and Samudai-Powered Orgs: The Future of Work

The Samudai OS and Samudai-Powered Orgs: The Future of Work

Aug 8, 2023

Time to Read: 7 minutes

Samudai is the innovation layer and all-in-one hub for all on-chain organizations, present and future. Samudai-powered organizations leverage the intuitive collaboration and task management afforded by the Samudai platform to reach new heights.


  1. DAOs and truthfully all on-chain organizations are too walled off from each other. Over-dependence on overly centralized, non-web3 native tools increases this issue. 

  2. The Samudai platform tears these walls down and replaces them with superhighways, connecting all on-chain activity in moments through an easy-to-use, plug-and-play interface prioritizing collaboration and transparency above all else. 

  3. Samudai wouldn’t be what it is today without a commitment to moving beyond the over-complexity of early-crypto-based services and putting all of the “crypto” on the back-end. Human-centered design can and should rule. 

  4. With the Samudai operating system at their disposal, DAOs can and will reach new heights through seamless knowledge sharing, transparency of all work and asset flow, and truly simple connection between contributors, regardless of the organization they are a part of. 

  5. While the private beta is on-going, joining our community today means making a commitment to a future of work that is fairer, more transparent, and more beneficial to all involved. 

On-Chain Organizations are Siloed: We’re Here to Fix That

With the rise of Google and later, social media, came the rise of walled gardens controlling the bulk of our activity online. Crypto, and later, the web3 movement, was supposed to change that, but we haven’t quite reached that plateau yet. From our DeFi services still being heavily dependent on the legacy banking system to our on-chain organizations meeting in Discord servers and on Twitter, it’s clear that we, as an industry, don’t have our own space yet.

How can the future of work be built without a web3-native hub to host it?

Before we answer that, it’s essential to tackle the question of easing the world’s on-boarding into crypto. 

Human-Centered Design and Crypto on the Back-End: The Way Forward

From its earliest days, to now, crypto has always been too complex to scale beyond its early adopters. Who wants to run through multiple messages, clicks, and integrations just to transfer assets? Doing so should be as simple, if not more so than the average bank transfer.  Zoom in on DAOs and the problem of being too tech-first becomes even clearer.

We rely far too much on Discord servers that can be shutdown at the whim of the centralized entity behind the app. Integrating multiple tools with our DAOs’ Discord’s doesn’t really lead to seamless experience for contributors.

We’re needlessly overcomplicating everything.

Why not change that?

Why not have a new open workspace for all on-chain organizations that puts ease of use, transparency, and interoperability between contributors and their organizations, all at the forefront? 

The Samudai platform or “operating system,” is this, to a T. 

From day one, our team has put crypto on the back-end, and the needs of the user, at the front, through surveying all sorts of DAO and on-chain organizational leaders to determine what real problems they actually need solved. Gone are the days in which we build without deep, impactful market input, pre-product. 

We can still learn from the legacy web. There’s a reason that our favorite web2 apps are so successful. They put human-centered design ahead of all else and never let the technology behind them take the reins to the point that a learning curve is required. As Steve Jobs put it, “'You've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can't start with the technology and then try to figure out where to sell it.”

Now that crypto, by-and-large is working to cross the chasm, there’s never been a better time to finally put communities first. DAOs already allow for a horde of individuals from different walks of life to coordinate around a vision and make something truly impactful which the blockchain, smart contracts, and related technologies scale. 

What they’re missing is a central meeting space, a Florence, as we’ve said before, for a new on-chain Renaissance to take off and make the future of work a reality. 

We believe that the future of work is where people will have absolute freedom of work. As DAOs grow and become more significant, we’ll see more and more individuals taking on multiple professional roles as stepping stones towards building their full careers, instead of spending a significant chunk of their time doing one job. Each path taken will blend together into a wide, yet strong set of skills, taking those involved to new heights. The future of work will be diverse in a true sense and as a platform that enables DAOs to work and grow, we’d like to believe that we have already contributed to this future.

What It Means To Be a Samudai Organization: The Future of Iconic Brands

Samudai allows DAOs to build in public from day one, including the time in which their manifestos are being created. The simplicity of knowledge sharing within the Samudai operating system allows for all on-chain organizations to learn from each other and decide who they want to emulate and who they don’t, without relying on second-hand information or the time-consuming process of joining up with competitors to see how work is done. 

Transparency doesn’t mean stealing processes. It means building as one, instead of as many walled gardens. Just because we can learn from web2, doesn’t mean we need to make the same mistakes that its leading players have. With the history established via Samudai, web3’s future brands will always be able to look back and benchmark to others like never before. Imagine a history of every decision made to get a DAO to the status of a $100 million consumer brand. It will happen.

The question is when.

It’s not just transparency and opening up borders that get us there, however. It all comes back to having everything we need in one place. Planning, credentialing, treasury management, task assignment, pure connection between contributors and more, is all already possible under the Samudai roof. 

Apple provided the world with a new operating system, allowing for computers to truly become household items. Facebook and Twitter knocked down borders so we could connect with each other worldwide like never before. 

We have always needed the same for on-chain work. Now, we have the foundation for a crypto-centered Florence. 

Even while our beta is on-going, joining our community means being a first-mover in a future of work we can all get behind, one that’s truly collectively run and benefits us all. Mainnet is on the horizon. The DAO Operating System is coming. Do not sleep on a better system. 

About Samudai

Samudai is the world’s hub for all on-chain work and collaboration, both design forward and dedicated to spearheading the future of work for all involved. Samudai stands for seamless coordination, pushing the boundaries of inter-organization collaboration on-chain, and helping DAOs scale to new heights.   

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