The Power of Story: The Heart of the DAO

The Power of Story: The Heart of the DAO

Sep 6, 2023

Time to Read: 5 minutes

A DAO is nothing without a compelling story behind it. With the right story from day one and a willingness to evolve their stories as they scale, DAOs can and will reach new heights.


  1. In a world where fragmented attention rules, brands need a new way to reach their customers and turn them into fans. 

  2. Both brands and DAOs depend on stories to persist and thrive.

  3. DAOs can learn from the success of brands like Apple and structures like the StoryBrand framework to craft stories that galvanize their communities into true evangelists and scale their offering. 

  4. At Samudai, our mission is to help DAOs scale new heights.

  5. By joining the Samudai community now, you’re signaling that you stand for an open, decentralized future for DAOs and overall brands alike, on-chain.

What Makes an Iconic Brand?

In a world where our attention becomes more fragmented by the moment, how do brands create messages and missions that stick with their customers and turn them into their “fanbase?” 

They launch, from day one, with missions that double as stories. Think about, for example, Apple. 

What catapulted it to brand stardom?

Boiled down to its most fundamental level, Apple’s mission has always been to provide top-of-the class user experiences. When it only sold computers, that meant making computers that are actually easy to use and suitable for the home. As other companies began doing the same at a similar scale, it took on a second mission of always raising people up and helping them to be the best version of themselves, through its products. 

In short, Apple became and remains the brand for those who push for more and push against the status quo. This continues to work because we all need stories we can get behind and stay behind. As Michael Margolis puts it, “The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.”

When we connect with a brand’s story enough to stick with it over the long-term, that story, and therefore, the brand involved, becomes a part of our identity. DAOs aren’t any different.

DAOs: The Right Vision is Rocket Fuel

“In the most basic sense, a DAO is a shared vision and a shared wallet.” - Alona Shevchenko

From Ukraine DAO, to PleasrDAO, to the Optimism Collective, and beyond, the decentralized autonomous organizations that stick around are those that stand for something that a significant group of people connect with so deeply that it becomes a part of their identity over the long-term. In other words, these initial contributors see the DAO involved as an extension of themselves.

For Ukraine DAO, that’s banding together to support the Ukrainian people above all else, until victory is achieved. In the case of PleasrDAO, that’s being the collective that drives web3 culture and perhaps one day, all internet culture in terms of what’s held as significant. With the Optimism Collective, the driving force is scaling Ethereum through building and funding public goods. Each and every one of these DAOs has a mission that’s easy for a considerable group of people to get behind.

Who doesn’t want to help define the future of art and internet culture?

Who doesn’t want to help people being oppressed?

Who wouldn’t want a future in which the bulk of the Ethereum network is driven by services that aim to benefit us all, rather than a select few?

If we tie all of these visions for the world together, there’s one common thread. In the words of Vitalik Buterin himself, “you can’t just have a DAO to be a DAO. You need a DAO to do something.”  With these examples in mind, that means building a world that’s more positive-sum and less dependent on rent-seeking entities. In an even simpler sense, that means using compelling stories and by extent, missions, to drive us towards a fairer future. Why not start with why, then move on to how?

Why not lead with, as Simon Sinek suggests, “what you stand for,” then move on to “what you produce?” We all know the web3 movement aims to bring about a better, more decentralized internet and world at-large. We can still learn from what has always worked outside of our space, without compromising our principles. 

Knowledge is Power: The Future is Interoperable and Decentralized

Story still drives successful brands, and DAOs are brands, in and of themselves. A story is synonymous with a mission when it’s crafted with care and the wants and needs of the community involved at its heart. Sharing stories draws us closer together. Shared missions drive us in life. Through following them, we become fuller individuals. 

Think about what draws us to our jobs. Sure, money and the ability to grow, matter. 

Still, we also strive for our work to mean something and that begins with a mission we feel and know needs to be a part of our identity. At Samudai, that mission is to help DAOs scale new heights. To date, their deeper potential has been blocked by the lack of a bona-fide shared space, built by practitioners, for practitioners. Samudai provides that open forum without excluding anyone. By joining the Samudai community now, you’re signaling that you stand for an open, decentralized future for DAOs and overall brands alike, on-chain. With Mainnet on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to be a trailblazer. 

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